The Longing for More

The Longing is an alternative rock band based out of Los Angeles, Calif. Laura Bradley(vocals and composition), Michael Wallace(bass), Tom Plumb(drums), Yury Anisonyan(rhythm guitar) and James Kloeppel(lead guitar) are the musicians that make up the band. The band’s roots are scattered all over the globe as each member is from a different place. They have just finished a new album that will be available soon. A preview of the first track named “Wicked” can be heard either on their website or on Soundcloud.

Michael found his passion for music at an early age and has dedicated himself to his craft by putting in hard work. When he was first learning how to play the bass, he practiced between five and six hours a day. Now, he’s a sound engineer and teaches audio at the Los Angeles Recording School as well as being a musician. Laura professionally sings both the United States and the Canadian national anthems at sporting events in both countries. She has done so many times in cities such as Miami, Los Angeles and Toronto.

It’s been an interesting journey for The Longing and the ride into the future begins with their newest music on their latest album titled “Bleed.”

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