Finger Flyer! Takes Off

Jason Bentley is an independent mobile game developer who has just released Finger Flyer! on Aug. 21 of this year. Finger Flyer! is a fast-paced, arcade style game available now for download in the App Store for iOS products. You can go to this page to read customer reviews, check out game information as well as rate it. The game has already been played in 46 nations around the world.

Finger Flyer! is very addictive and the gameplay is simple. All a player has to do is avoid the green obstacles falling from above by moving the white dot with a finger. Players can gain achievements which increase the point total such as playing the game for 3 minutes without scoring a point, scoring 100, 200, 500 and 1000 points in a game, scoring 300 points without losing a life and playing for 5 min. without losing all lives.

Major gaming developers create the top selling mobile games. This doesn’t mean that those games are better or more fun than any other. It just means that the amount of money they are able to put behind the marketing and promotion of their product is much greater. One way you can help make the industry more competitive is by checking out independently developed games such as Finger Flyer!.

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